Welcome to the website of House Energy Efficiency Limited. We hope that you will find this website informative about housing energy efficiency, upgrading the energy efficiency of your current house, installing a renewable energy heat source and the usefulness of the Building Energy Rating (BER) system as a key measurement mechanism for energy initiatives in building.

Why is house energy efficiency improvement important?

Energy efficiency in dwellings is at the top of the climate change agenda. It has become a fundamental part of house building and renovation. Improving energy efficiency means houses that are more comfortable, with less energy running costs, where improved internal air quality is possible and where it also makes economic sense. 

Why use the Building Energy Rating (BER) system? (Why not just do the work?)

While the BER system is required by law, using it is good common sense before starting on a programme of energy efficiency, as you need to know your starting point and what you can achieve in a measurable way. It is similar to before and after photos of a building that can tell you more precisely how much you have achieved. You can then equate this achievement to the money spent  - to determine Value for Money. Measurement is management!

What is different about House Energy Efficiency Limited?

The service we provide concentrates on providing a value added service to clients, not just a regulatory one that must be done in a minimalist way. In particular, we focus on the concept of the house as a system, that house energy efficiency cannot be treated in isolation from other components of a house, such as  ventilation management and indoor air quality (IAQ), moisture and water management (including hot water), heating and controls, the building fabric, comfort and durability - to name a few. IN addition, we track energy efficiency developments both nationally and internationally, so you can be sure that we will provide state-of-the-art advice and assistance.

What services do we offer?

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